# Management

Quality Management

Our quality management includes the locations

  • Manufacturing plant 1 Wuppertal - Central
  • Manufacturing plant2 Gevelsberg
  • Manufacturing plant3 Kierspe
In the implementation of customer requirements, there are different dimensions of quality differences.
These include, for example:
  • The quality of the product, based on fulfillment of its purpose.
  • Faultlessness of the product with regard to the performance of its product requirements
  • Reliability, durability, sustainability of the product and the processes

the image of our company
These are important criteria in the choice of where we purchase products and services to customer requirements to meet at any time.
Our customers include renowned manufacturers of automotive components.
The process monitoring is realized by CAQ software Böhme + Weihs and allows precise recording of the actual situation by

  • process control
  • Worker self-check, and if necessary
  • 100% - Camera sorting

a flawless delivery of the products to realize to our customers.
All the data for process control are documented, analyzed and, if desired, provided our customers also are available.