# Service

All manufacturing branches are available to our clients with trained employees

Here your questions are answered and tested to specific requirements of the product on request.

In general inquiries of any kind, adopted by our manufacturing plant 1 and processed promptly.

Each manufacturing branch can directly make it deviates from the rule deliveries, so in bottleneck situations your delivery is maintained.

In addition, we also provide all of you not bought at our rotation and compression parts assistance.

The aim is also here, after appropriate telephone appointment to resolve the problem directly in the presence of the customer, so no re-visit for pickup is required for a positive result.

In order to make any applicable fees from the outset calculable for our customers, we have created a list of fixed production rates for certain services.

We calculate the services rendered depending on complexity and difficulty.

By using a software that reflects the needs of automotive suppliers again, not only all collected data are collected and processed, but also ensured the maintenance of certification.

All business locations are permanently connected to each other via VPN over DSL and thus always have access to all necessary data.

The software is subject to regular updating and allows the processing of delivery subdivisions or credit transfers via EDI according to the VDA - Guidelines.