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Company Review


EUWIRO Formdrehteile GmbH deals primarily with the production of metallic mass rotating parts. Our contractual scope extends to both the manufacture of turned parts with and without subsequent machining.

Our experience in the field of Fassondreherei were implemented by us in a manufacturing reliability and build quality that meets all requirements of our customers. The products we manufacture are produced in manufacturing facilities in Wuppertal + Gevelsberg.

The manufacturing plant Kierspe "Ziwi Ziegeweid & Meyer GmbH & Co. KG angle" deals with the manufacture of metal mass cold forming - / extrusions. The scope of supply and services thereby extending with the production of compression parts and without subsequent machining.


Development and current state 


The currently employed by us employees are based on years of experience, supplemented by operational instructions and internal and external training, with the practiced at our manufacturing and testing technologies as well acquainted as with the customer requirements. Through them a smooth and accurate order processing ensures high quality levels and delivery performance.

The equipment and procedures used for the production are state of the art and effect through preventive measures to ensure product quality and innovation through the continuous improvement in the mechanical machining a continuous increase in the production and process safety.

EUWIRO Formdrehteile GmbH engaged in the work I + II primarily with the production of metallic mass turned parts with diameters of about 3 to 100 mm and their distribution.

Ziwi Ziegeweid angle & Meyer GmbH & Co. KG deals in Plant III mainly with the production of metallic mass cold forming - / extrusions with wire diameters of about 2.9 to 16 mm.


Further processing, such as drilling, milling, tapping and broaching be carried out in on-site machining. 


Surface finishes, such as zinc or curing are carried out in our responsibility of qualified subcontractors.


The current capacity covers all required quantity requirements from our customers.


Volume of production


We manufacture turned parts for the following vehicle - components:



e.g. for the brands VW, AUDI, Daimler-Chrysler, Porsche, SAAB, Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, etc.


In addition, we turned parts for the tool and construction industry.