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Wuppertal: the Manufacturing plant I

EUWIRO Formdrehteile GmbH

Blombacher Bach 32

D - 42287 Wuppertal


We produce series in large to very large quantities on state-of-the-art curves and CNC-controlled multi-spindle lathes. Since we also have extremely modern and versatile machines available here, all complex and particularly demanding parts are also produced here in the factory.

The production focus is on turned parts made of machinable materials with a diameter of 2 to 102 mm. The basis for the production are in any case the technical drawings of our clients, whereby we are also gladly available to our customers during the construction phase and provide assistance for an efficient and high-quality product.


Multi-spindle lathe

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Schütte-model series

CNC 6-Spindler
Gildemeister-model series

Index-model series

Directions Wuppertal

You reach us via

  • the junction motorway A1 - exit Wuppertal Ronsdorf

  • drive the B51 towards Wuppertal without turning off!

  • Follow the road and you will reach the Blombacher Bach 32

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Stand: 02. Januar 2022