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Customizing services

All production branches are available to our customers with trained employees.

Upon request, your questions about special requirements of the product will be answered and checked.

As a rule, inquiries of any kind are accepted by our production plant 1 and processed promptly.

However, unlike the rule, each manufacturing branch can also make direct deliveries so that your ability to deliver is maintained in bottleneck situations.

In addition, we also provide assistance with all turning and compression parts not purchased from us.

It is also the goal here, after making an appointment by telephone, to solve the problem directly in the presence of the customer, so that if the result is positive, no further visit is required for collection.

In order to make any additional costs calculable for our customers from the outset, we have compiled a list of fixed manufacturing prices for certain services.

With it we calculate the accomplished achievements according to effort and difficulty level.

Using software that reflects the needs of automotive suppliers not only captures and processes all accumulated data, but also ensures the maintenance of certification.

All sites are permanently connected to each other via VPN via DSL and thus always have access to all necessary data.

The software is subject to regular updating and enables the processing of delivery schedules or credit transfers via EDI according to the VDA guidelines.

Tailored service

From the first inquiry to the careful preparation to on-time delivery, we offer our customers a tailor-made service.

At our headquarters in Wuppertal, we accept your inquiries and orders and ensure that they are processed as quickly as possible.

For a reliable and uncomplicated order, we work with DUN according to the VDA guidelines.

SOf course, we also come to inquiries, which are received by phone, by email or by fax.

In addition, our customers are advised by competent and experienced employees at each of our plants. Especially when it comes to producing novel parts, we like to work together with our customers at an early stage.

In this way, we can provide tips for the most efficient, cost-effective production possible right from the conception stage and help to prevent sources of error from the outset.

Furthermore, we pick and pack the items according to the specifications of our customers, which vary considerably depending on the sector and company. From our central warehouse in Wuppertal, we provide, if desired, either for just-in-time delivery or provide the items for pickup.

As we understand ourselves as a customer-oriented service provider, we are, of course, there for you even when things need to be particularly fast. Building on our many years of experience, our branches are in a position to respond in the short term without having to go through the central office in the event of an "emergency" - and to ensure that your ability to deliver is maintained - just contact us!


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Stand: 02. Januar 2022